Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) München

Fachschaft Zahnmedizin München

Studierende der Zahnheilkunde an der LMU München e.V.

FAQ: Erasmus / Exchange

My university has an ERASMUS contract with the LMU. What does it mean?
During your time in Munich you can take part in all aspects of dental education just like a local student.

Is there an opportunity to get a scholarship for my time in Munich?
The ERASMUS exchange includes a scholarship.

My university is not part of the ERASMUS program. Can I still study Munich?
Yes, but contact with patients will be limited.

What requirements are necessary to apply for an exchange?
A1: For ERASMUS requirements, check the ERASMUS website and contact your local exchange officer.
A2: For ZAD requirements, see ZAD website.

Where do I have to pass my application?
For Erasmus to your local Erasmus office. For ZAD application see ZAD homepage.


Are there lectures and classes in English?
No. Due to German law all dental education has to be in German.

My German is poor but my English is fine. What do I have to expect?
Students, staff and professors are able to converse in English. Employees in supermarkets and shops are at least capable of rudimentary communication. Communication with patients will probably be in German.

Are there any German classes for exchange students?
We’ll see what can be done about that.

Are there any exams in English for exchange students?
We’ll see what can be done about that.

Do I have to join a German- language test?
Language skills are very useful and dependent on the program you decide to apply for you will need a prove of basic skills.


Do I need to buy equipment?
Erasmus students should contact their local Erasmus office in that case. Non-Erasmus students don’t have to buy equipment.

Can I graduate in Germany as a dentist?
Neither the Erasmus nor the ZAD exchange program include graduation. You will not be permitted to practice dentistry.


What kind of insurances do I need for an exchange in Germany?
You should have liability insurance and health insurance. It’s probably best to contact an insurance company in your home country and have them issue to you a copy of your contract in English language so it can be included with your application.
You should make a contract for health insurance. If something happens you just have to give the doctor your card from the health insurance company and pay 10€ per quarter. You do not have to pay for the treatment.


Do I need a visa?
Dependant on your location you might need a visa. Go check the homepage of the German embassy in your country.

How can I enrol at university?
Only students taking part in the Erasmus program are legally enrolled. Information concerning procedures are known in your Erasmus office. All other students are guests, who are allowed to attend due to courtesy of the clinic direction they do not need to enrol.

Do I have to pay school fee?
No. Guests do not need to pay fees for their time in Germany.

Life in Munich:

Is Munich an expensive city?
A1: Compared to Moscow and Paris – NO.
A2: Compared to other European Cities – YES

Where will I stay?
Your Local Exchange Officers in Munich will help you finding a place to stay,
usually at a youth hostel or a pension.

Is Munich a welcoming city to tourists and foreigners?
Yes. Munich is a huge tourist attraction and local people are in general friendly and helpful towards guests.

Is there somebody who I can contact personally for further questions?
The Local Exchange Officers will try to help you as best as they can.

Who can I turn to once I am in Munich?
Again your Local Exchange Officers here in Munich will be glad to assist you with any Problems.